The foundation of effective quality and risk management is a well designed and implemented quality and risk management system (QRMS).

Whilst it is possible to buy "standard" documents relatively cheaply, they are unlikely to benefit your business in the long-run. One size doesn't properly fit all, and you are likely to find your practice bound up by pointless bureaucracy because of the generalised format.

To achieve a QRMS of lasting value, you need something carefully tailored to your practice's types of work, values, aspirations, strategy and modus operandi.

Creating appropriate policies, procedures and records requires specialist skills and experience, and is fiddly. It's something many lawyers find irksome, particularly when they'd rather be getting on with legal work. Many also find it hard to understand exactly what is required by the Lexcel or ISO standards.

The experience we've gained from working with over 150 legal practices over nearly 20 years enables us to design and create effective systems quickly and cost-effectively. A bespoke system can often be delivered within 10 working days.


To help you introduce the new system to your practice we offer training for your personnel, on your premises, that will make clear to them the benefits - personal, as well as corporate - of quality management.

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