Online System Hosting

Many of our clients opt for the benefits of online hosting of their quality and risk management system (QRMS), together with update reminders, compliance checking and editing - all in one simple package.

Effective, simple, economical

In order to maintain Lexcel or ISO compliance, you need your current plans, policies, procedures and forms to be:

Hosting, update reminders, compliance checking and editing

For a small fixed monthly fee, we maintain your quality management system for you with a package of valuable services:


In a busy law practice, staff often don't bother referring to hardcopy manuals of policies and procedures and don't keep approved records. They tend to alter standard letters and forms, or make up their own.

When you get us to host your QRMS online on our secure server, it becomes easily accessible to your personnel - in the office, at home or on the move. Staff can find out what they need to know in a couple of clicks and are able to download the forms and standard documents they need directly, printing them locally. They can only use your approved documents and records.

Update Reminders

There is so much going on in a legal practice that updates to policies, procedures and records are all too often forgotten.

Our quarterly update reminder service helps you keep the system up to date, so it remains effective as your practice develops and its business and regulatory environment changes.

Compliance Checking

Many legal practices become slaves to mindless bureaucracy because they are scared to change outdated policies or procedures lest they become non-compliant with the Lexcel or ISO standards.

We check all your proposed amendments for compliance, so your QRMS can serve your practice - not the other way round.


Few practices have web authoring skills in-house.

We do the editing for you, so you don't need them.

Cost effective

Clients are pleasantly surprised when they realise how little this service costs.

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